About Us

Renoir Consulting is a global management consultancy that delivers exceptional outcomes and sustainable change.

The leaders of today must create growth and drive innovation for their companies while ensuring that they are sustainable and inclusive. All this, while navigating a world that is evolving and changing at an accelerated pace.

Renoir Consulting make this a reality for them.

Our ambition is to help organisations outperform competitors and redefine their future and impact on the world. Most importantly, we go beyond strategies, reports, and recommendations. Our clients achieve real results and are equipped to sustain the change.

We have a proven track record of delivering success: For over 25 years, working on thousands of projects with organisations in more than 50 countries. From our beginnings in the United Kingdom, we quickly expanded and now have offices across five continents.

In 1994, Renoir Consulting began as a small company with big ideas. Today, we are a much bigger company, with even bigger ideas. However, our promise is still the same. We make big goals a reality for organisations. And we commit to results.

Our Approach

Change is inevitable.
We’re spearheading it.

Our long experience, which covers an expansive list of industries and business functions, gives us an unrivalled understanding of the best ways to meet our clients’ business needs. 

We link strategy to execution, guiding organisations through change. Futhermore, Renoir Consulting is known for our approach which helps our clients achieve sustainable improvement.

Our proven top-down, bottom-up, end-to-end approach means that we work together with clients as partners — from blueprint to execution. We are accountable for results, from start to finish. 

Above all, our 3-phase proprietary process is the key to implementing successful transformations.

01 Analysis

The first step towards successful transformation is our in-depth analysis of the current state of the business. In short, Renoir understands the aspirations of the business and the realities for employees on the ground. We will then devise a tailored approach to suit the needs of our clients — whether they are looking for short-term improvements or aiming to transform the way they work. To sum up our analysis supports our clients in identifying where they are vs. where they need to go and more crucially, how to get there.

02 Focus Process®

Our Focus Process® service is a highly effective and proven process that empowers employees to take ownership of the project implementation. By working alongside Management Action Teams, consultants, client task forces, and the Executive Steering Committee, the Focus Process® stage of our service enables employees to understand the issues, develop root cause solutions and achieve measurable and lasting change.

03 Implementation

At this stage, we focus on the execution of the tailored solutions so that they deliver the desired outcomes. Most importantly, to ensure that the changes are sustained. Besides, we equip our clients’ employees with relevant training and coaching, and tailor support to match the behavioural changes of employees. Similarly, helping them understand the reasons and benefits of the transformation. This results in sustainable change that drives the business forward — long after the project has finished.

Our commitment

The greatest measure of transformation? Success.

Renoir Consulting focus on people engagement across all levels and ensure that change objectives are fully achieved and sustainable. In the same vein, our approach means that every engagement will receive the utmost level of care and investment in talent, resources and leadership attention. In short, we are accountable for real and measurable outcomes.

Our values and culture

We exist to serve our clients.

Our purpose

At Renoir, our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectation with every interaction. Our agile structure enables us to deliver significant and sustainable results, wherever business needs are. Likewise, we have seen consulting from both sides of the desk, so we know what’s good and what isn’t. As a result, we strive to:

  • Make a real and significant difference to our clients’ businesses,
  • Ensure that our work is sustainable through our clients’ people,
  • Achieve our goals every time, and
  • Delight our clients 

Our values

Our values dictate our approach, and our approach amplifies our values. They are entwined to ensure holistic transformation. We drive success for our clients with these 5 fundamental principles:

1. Performance

We are accountable for outcomes. Clients do not get one-off results but sustained success from us. We achieve this by putting in place systems and ways of working that ensure sustainability.

2. Ownership

We stay close to our clients and operate from where they are, where we can add the most value. We only leave when we have delivered what was promised.

3. People-first

All change starts and ends with people. However, we don’t believe in changing people’s behaviours. Our role is to help solve the human problem by creating an enabling environment and modelling the right behaviour for people to make the change.

4. Collaboration

The client owns the project and their employees play an integral part in the transformation journey. Our methodology, the depth and granularity of our approach, and the way we routinely achieve cultural change, buy-in and ownership, makes us unique.

5. Sustainability

We implement transformational step-change and sustainability by carrying out extensive coaching and deliberate knowledge transfer. We leave our clients with tools, capabilities, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Our People

Make an impact on the world

RenoirChangemakers are as varied as the roles they fulfil. They come from around the world, with a diverse range of talents and personalities.

Our strength comes from combining what we have in common — our shared goals and values — with what makes each of us different. Our rich diversity is key to our ability to solve complex problems and redefine the future for our clients.

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that maximises the potential of all our people. Above all, we want to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to embrace challenging opportunities and contribute to Renoir’s continued success.  

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