We are a global management consultancy that delivers exceptional outcomes and sustainable change

We are a global management consultancy that delivers exceptional outcomes and sustainable change

Case Study

Driving Revenue Growth in Retail Banking: A Success Story in Southeast Asia



In the banking industry, sales and channel management hold significant importance as they enable banks to connect with current and potential customers, earn revenue, and uphold customer relationships. Through efficient sales and channel management, banks can enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty, resulting in higher profitability and revenue. To ensure continued success, a strong strategy for sales and channel management is essential.


The Client is a major banking group in South East Asia with operations in 7 countries and thousands of branches. The Client asked Renoir to focus on growing revenue the Funding and Lending segments (auto-loans, mortgage and corporate benefits programs) in the retail branches. The Client brief was to analyse the underlying issues, identify areas for improvement and implement a Transformation Programme.


Detailed process reviews and opportunity identification was performed at 5 Pilot branches and shared with Area Managers, Branch Managers and Relationship Officers.

5 key productivity enablers and 4 key effectiveness enablers were identified. The revenue growth opportunities of each were fully quantified and validated. New tools were then defined and developed to drive improvements in Sales performance.


The Renoir team worked alongside Client’s task force members and Management Action Team (MAT) representatives to ensure the solutions were implemented in the field amongst all sales personnel to ensure complete buy-in and ownership.

An enhanced Direct Sales Planning and Monthly Activity Planner focused on gaining additional market share. It reinforced the need for proper planning of resource and prioritisation of customers.

The increased frequency and higher quality of prospect qualification resulted in a 10% average capture rate for sales efforts, compared with the industry average of 5.4%.

The project introduced a new Management Control System (MCS), new operational standards and targets, utilising a new Customer Processing Tracker, alongside cascading Dashboards to monitor KPIs throughout the branch network.

This monitoring system, coupled with regular review meetings, resulted in branches optimizing their individual loan application processes to reduce average customer time-in-branch from entry to exit by 42%.

Once the new way of working (NWOW) had been rolled out to the 5 Pilot branches, the project team moved on to implement the agreed solutions at the next 15 branches within the Phase 1 project scope.

“ With productivity improved in consumer funding and lending sales respectively, we have seen, on average, a growth in volume across our main 52 branches. Our project with Renoir has not only enabled us to improve what we sell, how we sell and to whom we sell, it has also resulted in bottom line value to the company. ”

Chief Financial Officer

The team used Renoir’s situational auditing tool to assess the uptake of NWOW by the 180 Sales personnel across the branches. This tool quantifies the progress of staff behaviour toward the full adoption of new processes and ways of working. Progress is monitored and corrective training can be highly targeted to improving adoption and performance.

With the success of the Phase 1 implementation, the Client and Renoir embarked on Phase 2, rolling out the NWOW to 30 regional branches across the country. The combined effort of taskforce and consultants, with a structured plan of Solutions to be implemented, ensured that we not only penetrated more than the originally planned branches but also created a more sales-focused culture within the organization.


Phase 1

Up 129%


Up 89%


Phase 2

Up 153%


Up 88%


*Productivity is the amount of time utilized in a day on actual selling activities
** Effectiveness is the number of sales booked in a day


This case study highlights how a major banking group in Southeast Asia was able to increase revenue from its funding and lending segments by improving productivity and effectiveness in its sales department. Through a transformation program developed by Renoir Consulting, the bank was able to identify key areas for improvement and develop new tools to enhance sales performance. The results showed a significant increase in productivity and effectiveness driving additional daily revenues, and demonstrates the importance of continuously reviewing and re-imagining your sales and channel management operations.

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