We are a global management consultancy that delivers exceptional outcomes and sustainable change

We are a global management consultancy that delivers exceptional outcomes and sustainable change

Case Study

Warehouse and Inventory – Optimization


Our client, one of the world’s leading mid-tier gold mining company.

Key Results 


Eliminating Items in Inventory with no classification


Eliminating Items requiring with incorrect classification


Redefining Minimum and Maximum stock levels


Implementing new procedures and practices for our Warehouse is a focus of IAMALLIN and a fundamental element of improving Equipment Availability. The initial work completed was aimed at better understanding what items we have in inventory, including the number and location of those items in the Warehouse.

These actions are reducing the frequency of:
1) inventory that was thought to be “zero stock”
2) inventory that “cannot be found”

As well, the Warehouse Team is working together with the Maintenance Department and has re-established the minimum and maximum stocking levels for 233 items. This requires understanding which vendors can supply these items, how quickly we consume these items and the time required to replenish them. This work now includes input from Rosebel’s Supply Chain Team in Paramaribo.

Order and shine, first two elements from the 5’S initiative, have been a collective effort across the warehouse to set the mindset, behavior, and discipline of organization and structure of a world class warehouse.

 * We take client confidentiality seriously. While we have kept the brand anonymous, the results are real.

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