We are a global management consultancy that delivers exceptional outcomes and sustainable change

We are a global management consultancy that delivers exceptional outcomes and sustainable change

Upstream Oil & Gas

Develop and execute long-term improvement to future-proof upstream oil and gas operations.

Every aspect of oil and gas upstream is super-sized. From drilling deep water wells, constructing offshore installations, developing land-based production, liquefying natural gas to processing and exporting crude oil and gas to downstream production facilities.

  • Oil and gas reservoirs must be efficiently explored and developed so that national and global demands can be met.
  • Oil and gas must also be produced as efficiently as possible, so that fields can produce hydrocarbons economically for as long as possible thereby maximising the considerable capital investment.
  • Ecological impacts must kept as low as possible and as a minimum within the regulatory regimes in which the company operates.

We have had decades of experience working with leading oil and gas companies to m these challenges and gain significant financial and operational benefits.

We analyse the current performance of your company in exploration and appraisal, drilling, procurement and materials management, logistics, production, maintenance, turnaround, and other areas of support, and use these informational touch points to develop new solutions and ways of working.

Here’s a deeper look at what we can bring to your business.

Upstream Oil & Gas

Industry Expertise

Exploration Optimisation
Reduce exploration costs or improve exploration success in areas such as seismic acquisition efficiency and exploration drilling. We will help you determine and fix weaknesses in processes, systems, and structure within seismic acquisition and drilling programme management.
Capital Projects
Analyse past performance to understand gaps and opportunities for improvement within the asset development stage. Leverage opportunities and implement changes to processes and systems that will deliver operational and financial benefits. We also improve on-time and on-budget results for capital projects for production facilities.
Production Efficiency and Costs
Develop working practices and behaviours that improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Reduce production costs associated with operations and maintenance, production losses and managing contracts and contractors. We also work to find new ways of improving production efficiency through more effective in-field drilling programmes.
Upstream Materials Management & Logistics
We look at the use of materials – identifying areas for optimisation and delivering changes to the materials management process such that benefits are realised. We also improve the efficiency of the transportation of materials, consumables, and personnel.
Health, Safety, Environment
To achieve ever-stronger regulatory requirements, safety systems must be fully implemented, internalised and owned by those who have the most impact on performance. Leverage opportunities from behavioural changes and develop the internalisation required to ensure health, safety and the environment is at the heart of what you do.

Accelerate your transformation

Future-proof your upstream operations and deliver sustainable results.