COFICERT and Renoir Consulting sign a strategic partnership for the deployment of the certification standard: ESG 1000

Renoir Consulting, a global management consulting firm with over three decades of experience, delivering sustainable change and real outcomes to corporations, and COFICERT, an international certification body, specializing in financial and non-financial certification activities, announce their strategic partnership for the deployment of the ESG 1000 standard, the international certification standard for a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) management system. As a reminder, the ESG 1000 standard is governed internationally by the international standardization body IGSF – International Group For Sustainable Finance, chaired by Ms. Véronique de la Bachelerie.

In a context where environmental, social and governance considerations have become central to ensuring sustainable economic development, this agreement aims to support companies in their transformation, by promoting better implementation of Sustainability policies and practices and by validating compliance with regulatory constraints.

Through this partnership, Renoir Consulting can provide companies with their support and advisory solutions, in their process of structuring and upgrading Sustainability systems, upstream of the evaluation process by the certifier.

For Renoir Consulting, this strengthens its leadership in the UAE’s sustainability consulting market and helps it stay ahead with innovative solutions, supporting clients in creating sustainable value. This aligns with its strategic vision to be a pioneer in sustainability and climate transition services.

In an era where Sustainability & CSR are crucial for businesses’ competitiveness and regulatory compliance, Renoir Consulting’s sustainability services are now also aligned with the ESG 1000 standard, offering a pathway for robust policy and sustainability management system enhancement. As such, Renoir Consulting is acknowledged as a key advisor for companies seeking ESG 1000 certification.

Obtaining ESG 1000 certification constitutes a real competitive and differentiating asset for companies, allowing them to anticipate the risks inherent in their activities, while complying with regulatory requirements. It demonstrates to all stakeholders their dedication to implementing optimal Sustainability and CSR practices.

What the ESG 1000 Standard is about

ESG 1000 Standard: Carried by the international standardization body IGSF – International Group For Sustainable Finance, the ESG 1000 Standard (ESG for Environmental, Social and Governance – index 1000) is the first international certification standard, dedicated to the corporate social responsibility of businesses and institutions. The standard lists the requirements relating to a Sustainability & CSR management system, to improve practices in terms of social responsibility. In a desire for standardization under a single standard, universally used, the certification standard ESG 1000 brings together specific evaluation criteria, integrating standards recognized worldwide in terms of Sustainability and CSR, including the GRI Standards, the ESRS standards (European CSRD directive), the ISO 26000 standard, the ISO 14000 standard, the Global Compact principles, the United Nations guiding principles, etc. Certification to the ESG 1000 Standard is a guarantee of compliance in terms of respecting the rules of good Sustainability & CSR governance; and presents itself as a benchmark for economic and financial operators, nationally and internationally.

COFICERT - Renoir Consulting strategic partnership

Kevin McCartney, COO of Renoir Consulting

“We believe the ESG 1000 standard, with its comprehensive certification, deep analysis, and multi-faceted performance evaluation that encompasses sustainability, CSR, and economic aspects, offers valuable certification for companies and credible assurance to their stakeholders. Formulated by the IGSF’s expert panel, it stands as a key asset amidst increasing regulations, aptly meeting the current requirements of the fast-evolving corporate world.”

Cristian Mocanu – COFICERT’s Secretary General

“Our hindsight over nearly 20 years, on certification and standardization activities, proves to us the virtuosity of technical partnerships of this type. Unable to be both judge and party at the same time, the technical support activities to be carried out by Renoir Consulting prior to our evaluations will enable us to intervene more objectively after their intervention. Their support will thus help companies equip themselves with concrete means and tools to better structure and internalize their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies and practices, particularly in anticipation of a certification process.

Christian Levesque, president of the ESG 1000 Scientific Committee within the IGSF

“We welcome with interest the decision taken by Renoir Consulting to integrate the ESG 1000 methodology into the support offered to companies and institutions. Thanks to its sectoral approach, the standard ESG 1000 provides a precise and complete picture of the quality of a company’s CSR system. My career and long experience as committee chair of several ISO standards on behalf of the Canadian government, allow me to testify that beyond being an excellent management and communication tool, certification can provide companies with a means of validating their commitment, strengthening their credibility and improving their policies; in this case here in terms of social responsibility.”


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