Renoir Consulting Welcomes Gabriel Paal as New Chief Growth Officer

Geneva, February 16, 2023 — Renoir Consulting is proud to announce the appointment of Gabriel Paal as the company’s new Chief Growth Officer. Gabriel will bring over 15 years of industry experience in global operations and finance leadership to the company.

As a strategic, results-driven, and innovative leader, Gabriel will play a key role in driving the growth of Renoir Consulting. He will lead the implementation and expansion of the company’s international business development strategy, actively explore strategic M&A (mergers and acquisitions) opportunities and drive the implementation of new processes and tools to help achieve organisational growth.

Gabriel’s approach is centered on collaboration and teamwork. He recognizes the importance of working closely with the team to drive success and deliver results. In his own words, Gabriel shares his commitment to making a positive impact within the company: “I am eager to work closely with the Renoir Group team. By leveraging my expertise and collaborative leadership style, I am confident that we can achieve outstanding results and drive continued success.”

Kevin Mccartney, Group Chief Strategy Officer of Renoir Consulting added: “Over the last couple of years, whilst dealing with the day-to-day challenges of running a consultancy business, we have been transforming the business and our offerings. With the appointment of Gabriel, we very much hope to accelerate this transformation and continue to broaden our capability.”

Krishna Paupamah, Founder and Group CEO of Renoir Consulting said: “Renoir has come out of the pandemic kicking, with a very strong and ambitious plan together for the next five years. In considering the execution of the plan, we realised that we needed some fresh experienced external capability to be brought in house to support the plan. Gabriel has an impressive track record and will be supporting us in driving that growth.”

In addition to his professional achievements, Gabriel is also a devoted family man with a love for golf and aviation, a life-long learner, and voracious reader.

With the appointment of Gabriel Paal as our new Chief Growth Officer, we very much hope to accelerate our transformation and continue to broaden our capability.

Kevin Mccartney, Group Chief Strategy Officer, Renoir Consulting

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