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We’re help­ing oil and gas com­pa­nies fuel growth along the entire hydro­car­bon val­ue chain, both upstream and downstream.

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With the increas­ing empha­sis on renew­able ener­gies, decar­bon­i­sa­tion and net zero goals, com­pa­nies that lever­age oppor­tu­ni­ties, embrace new tech­nolo­gies and trans­form their oper­a­tions for the future will meet the chal­lenges ahead. At the same time, they will still be required to replen­ish reserves, increase pro­duc­tion (through both new and exist­ing devel­op­ments), opti­mise oper­at­ing costs and achieve the full val­ue from cap­i­tal investments. 


Down­stream oil and gas com­pa­nies face a host of risks and chal­lenges in today’s volatile envi­ron­ment, with mar­gins being con­stant­ly chal­lenged. To remain com­pet­i­tive, play­ers need to max­imise the val­ue of their assets by being more effi­cient, increase through­put, reduce costs and pro­tect rev­enues and margins. 

Oil & Gas Consulting

Our oil and gas con­sult­ing ser­vices are designed to help com­pa­nies in the oil and gas indus­try max­i­mize their prof­its and stream­line their operations.

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Deliv­er accel­er­at­ed val­ue through transformation. 

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Sup­port a data-driven cul­ture by unlock­ing data. Lever­age insights to enrich busi­ness decisions. 


Realise sus­tain­able dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion and future-proof your organ­i­sa­tion in an ever-evolving world. 


Meet the chal­lenges of an increas­ing­ly demand­ing ESG envi­ron­ment and take tan­gi­ble steps towards net zero objectives. 


We work with organ­i­sa­tions to realise mea­sur­able improve­ments that unlock val­ue and cre­ate long-term sus­tain­able growth. 


Imple­ment the right strate­gies to dri­ve val­ue and pow­er­ful growth. 


Boost Your Business’s Com­pet­i­tive­ness and Agility 


Make rev­enue growth a real pri­or­i­ty for your business 

Oil and gas has been the lifeblood of the mod­ern world for more than a cen­tu­ry, fuelling economies and pro­vid­ing ben­e­fits to bil­lions of peo­ple glob­al­ly.

The indus­try has tra­di­tion­al­ly faced sev­er­al unique challenges:

  • Many of the industry’s prod­ucts such as crude oil, fuels, and var­i­ous petro­chem­i­cals are inter­na­tion­al com­modi­ties with prices deter­mined by glob­al sup­ply and demand. Oper­a­tors can only impact pro­duc­tion and cost to man­age margin.
  • The num­ber of coun­tries pledg­ing to achieve net zero emis­sions in the com­ing decades con­tin­ues to grow. Renew­able ener­gy sources are expect­ed to increase more than five­fold by 2050, which will direct­ly eat into glob­al oil production.
  • Giv­en the envi­ron­men­tal, per­son­al, and rep­u­ta­tion­al impact, tight con­trol of Health, Safe­ty, Secu­ri­ty, and the Envi­ron­ment (HSSE) is need­ed to avoid risk to the envi­ron­ment and people.
  • Devel­op­ing hydro­car­bon assets and pro­cess­ing facil­i­ties requires sig­nif­i­cant cap­i­tal invest­ment. Once devel­oped, assets need to be man­aged in a safe and cost-efficient man­ner to pro­long commerciality.

The indus­try is at a cross­roads as the piv­ot to renew­able sources of ener­gy gains sig­nif­i­cant momen­tum. These risks are fur­ther exac­er­bat­ed by the geopo­lit­i­cal sen­si­tiv­i­ties of hydro­car­bon pro­duc­tion. Volatil­i­ty is a con­stant in this industry. 

Renoir can help. By har­ness­ing over 25 years of industry-tested knowl­edge, method­olo­gies and tools, we help our clients over­come these chal­lenges to deliv­er sus­tain­able results by:

  • Elim­i­nat­ing waste through more effec­tive man­age­ment sys­tems and busi­ness process­es to ensure cost effec­tive­ness, there­by reduc­ing pro­duc­tion loss­es and opti­mis­ing costs
  • Adopt­ing meth­ods and prac­tices to ensure cap­i­tal projects are deliv­ered on time and on budget.
  • Devel­op­ing a cul­ture of dis­ci­pline and struc­ture with­in man­age­ment sys­tems that ensure HSSE tar­gets are met and exceeded
  • Exploit­ing dig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies to sup­port effi­cient work­ing prac­tices and busi­ness processes.

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We are a glob­al man­age­ment con­sul­tan­cy that deliv­ers excep­tion­al out­comes and sus­tain­able change.

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Our con­sult­ing process is designed to be col­lab­o­ra­tive and transparent. 

We work close­ly with our clients to under­stand their unique needs and devel­op cus­tomized solu­tions to help them achieve their goals. 

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