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With the increasing emphasis on renewable energies, decarbonisation and net zero goals, companies that leverage opportunities, embrace new technologies and transform their operations for the future will meet the challenges ahead. At the same time, they will still be required to replenish reserves, increase production (through both new and existing developments), optimise operating costs and achieve the full value from capital investments.


Downstream oil and gas companies face a host of risks and challenges in today’s volatile environment, with margins being constantly challenged. To remain competitive, players need to maximise the value of their assets by being more efficient, increase throughput, reduce costs and protect revenues and margins.

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Our oil and gas consulting services are designed to help companies in the oil and gas industry maximize their profits and streamline their operations.

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Oil and gas has been the lifeblood of the modern world for more than a century, fuelling economies and providing benefits to billions of people globally.

The industry has traditionally faced several unique challenges:

  • Many of the industry’s products such as crude oil, fuels, and various petrochemicals are international commodities with prices determined by global supply and demand. Operators can only impact production and cost to manage margin.
  • The number of countries pledging to achieve net zero emissions in the coming decades continues to grow. Renewable energy sources are expected to increase more than fivefold by 2050, which will directly eat into global oil production.
  • Given the environmental, personal, and reputational impact, tight control of Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment (HSSE) is needed to avoid risk to the environment and people.
  • Developing hydrocarbon assets and processing facilities requires significant capital investment. Once developed, assets need to be managed in a safe and cost-efficient manner to prolong commerciality.

The industry is at a crossroads as the pivot to renewable sources of energy gains significant momentum. These risks are further exacerbated by the geopolitical sensitivities of hydrocarbon production. Volatility is a constant in this industry.

Renoir can help. By harnessing over 25 years of industry-tested knowledge, methodologies and tools, we help our clients overcome these challenges to deliver sustainable results by:

  • Eliminating waste through more effective management systems and business processes to ensure cost effectiveness, thereby reducing production losses and optimising costs
  • Adopting methods and practices to ensure capital projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Developing a culture of discipline and structure within management systems that ensure HSSE targets are met and exceeded
  • Exploiting digital technologies to support efficient working practices and business processes.

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