Renoir Consulting, a global management consultancy specialising in sustainable change, welcomes Elisabeth Proust to its panel of Senior Advisors.

The oil and gas sector is one that is constantly changing. However, like the industry itself, major themes impacting the industry also exhibits a cyclical nature with themes related to climate, ESG and the importance of infrastructure, coming back into the spotlight.

Thus, since the beginning of January 2020, Elisabeth Proust has come on-board Renoir Group as Senior Advisor, after spending more than 35 years at Total.

Elisabeth’s list of accomplishments in Total is nothing short of impressive. In addition to her engineering expertise – she has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in hydrodynamics from Ecole Centrale de Nantes as well as a Diploma in drilling, reservoir and production engineering from the French Institute of Petroleum – she brings extensive multi-country experience in the oil and gas sector at an executive level, and was its first female vice president for development engineering for Total worldwide.

Her career progression has seen her holding multiple leadership roles as a managing director of Total’s affiliates in Indonesia, Nigeria and finally, the UK.

In speaking about his vision for Renoir’s oil and gas practice, Krishna Paupamah, Founder and Group CEO of Renoir Consulting adds: “We are building an oil and gas practice that spans operational improvement through to transformation including agile and digital. The aim is to build this practice globally, and Elisabeth’s long standing seniority in the industry and hence her tremendous knowledge and network in the sector will stand us in good stead.”