Drive growth and sustainable value to all stakeholders.


Drive growth and sustainable value to all stakeholders

Most companies know that sustainability is important, but their actions lag behind. The gap between intention and action hinders progress.

Our team of experts from diverse professional backgrounds enables organisations to bridge this gap. We have the credentials to deliver world-class Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisory services in line with the highest international standards for sustainability reporting and ESG integration.


Recognising the importance of playing an active role in the global sustainability landscape, Renoir Consulting has launched specialised ESG integration services through RenoirESG.

As a division of the Renoir Group, RenoirESG caters to listed corporations and institutional investors. Our approach is to tailor tools and strategies aligned with your company’s current trajectory to ensure compliance with evolving local and international regulations, while addressing regional ESG market trends.

We also offer comprehensive ESG solutions in Indonesia through our brand, RenoirCGI.

Why Renoir

ESG Excellence

We have established a Centre of Excellence for ESG, using best-in-class but also best-fit tools for your company. Our extensive experience ensures the delivery of effective ESG solutions.

Beyond Strategy

Our scope goes beyond strategy development and implementation. Our management consulting expertise enables us to analyse the value of ESG integration in the context of your business. However, strategies require execution to be realised. We work with you every step of the way to turn plans into actionable initiatives. Our support extends to the implementation of ESG strategies, ensuring tangible results and lasting impact.

Experts in Adoption

Renoir has over 25 years’ experience of taking projects through to full adoption using our behavioural and cultural change methodologies. This approach leaves your organisation and your people with the ability to implement and sustain the changes made at all levels of the organisation after the project is complete.

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Let us help you navigate the increasingly demanding ESG landscape.

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